Fish & seafood are healthy protein sources

To get the most from your training program, you have to be aware that regular exercise does not compensate for improper nutrition.

Making a commitment to your workout requires changes to your lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy diet along with physical exercise is important if you want to maximize your fitness potential.

Drink LOTS of water!

Daily Calorie Guidelines

Men: 2600 calories

Women: 1800 calories
Fruit is a healthy snack

Drink PLENTY of water...before, during and after exercise.
At least eight 8oz. glasses each day.

Eat plenty of vegetables

Eat ONLY when you are hungry.

It is better to eat six small meals that are high in complex carbs and natural fibers than to eat fewer fat rich meals that are dense in calories and low in fiber.

Kiwi fruitNuts provide protein (high in fat, too)Rice... a good carbohydrate sourceSalads can be healthy and tastyFish...a good protein source
Carbohydrates (complex, whole, natural forms) should form the center of your diet.
  • Examples include: rice, red potatoes, whole grains and vegetables.
  • Small amounts of proteins such as fish, chicken, or turkey should be
    consumed at least three times per day.
Research indicates that it is almost impossible to get all of the essential nutrients from the foods we eat. Vitamin supplementation is a perfect solution for providing a full array of vitamins and minerals.
LIMIT YOUR INTAKE OF THESE FOODS... Limit intake of red meats Limit sugar intake
Processed, refined foods can contribute to cardiovascular disease, cancer and other life-threatening conditions.
Limit intake of butter and margarine
Limit intake of high-fat dairy products
Limit intake of oilsLimit salt intakeLimit intake of sweetsLimit intake of dessertsLimit alcohol intake
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