Personal Training Services include:

  • Personalized exercise program designed for your schedule, health concerns, and fitness goals
  • Information about training principles
  • Motivational suggestions to help you stick to your program

Client options include:

  • Training supervision and guidance at every workout session.
  • Basic program setup during a few workout sessions with periodic follow-up evaluations to assess and refine your program.
abstract weightlifter & dumbells
rowing machine & abstract weightlifter

Important considerations include:

  • Completion of a health history questionnaire to determine if you will need your physician's consent to start your exercise program.
  • Careful consideration of your personal fitness goals and available exercise time so that we design a program that is a good match of my recommendations and your time and effort.
  • Be ambitious but be realistic. Better to do a little bit and continue for years than to do a great deal for a few weeks and give up entirely.
Remember...I am not a magician.
Spending money on my services does not get you into shape.

Exercise does !
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